In need of change: Steve Blurton from StruServices, who specialise in Subcontract 3D steel detailing, tells us of their main problems prior to BIMReview: "Localisation of models in a single environment was a big issue for us. The fact that BIMReview allowed us to bring multiple models together from lots of different authoring systems, especially Revit® and Tekla®, meant that we’d be able to gain the ‘bigger picture’ we were looking for on our larger projects.”

Before BIMReview was implemented, Steve says the team were working with printed drawings, the issues were evident, Steve explains: "Multiple views and details within drawings would need to be generated for referencing. This all added valuable time and increased cost to each project.”

Favoured features

"Along with the multiple file import interfaces, we found the most useful tools to be the clash detect feature, the IFC export and the ability to add our own data to models”, says Steve. BIMReview’s clash detect gave much more control than other systems in the capability to define exact tolerances for clashes and also set up processes for dealing with the individual clashes within the system.

BIMReview helped StruServices enormously when handing over a model to the customer

StruServices have found that being able to add their own documents to items within the model is a key benefit that they've made lots of practical use of, as Steve explains: "This helped out enormously when handing over a model to the customer for facilities management purposes. We were able to attach things to the model, like maintenance schedules and specification sheets, which previously would have had no association to a 3D model.”

Looking to the future

Steve tells us they have several large upcoming projects for which they will be using the features of BIMReview fully. "Being able to collect these different model types in a single environment and then produce a single IFC file from that is a real benefit”, says Steve. StruServices tell us they will also be paying particular interest to upcoming new releases as BIMReview’s features have made a genuine and positive difference to their office and overall business efficiency.

So, would StruServices recommend BIMReview?

Steve’s answer is clear…

"Most definitely! Being able to easily collaborate on a project whilst, at the same time, being able to add data to that project is the reason we will be continuing to use BIMReview.”

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