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Basically we had a clash checking issue. The collaboration between our trade and others resulted in various issues, and time/money wasted as it was commonplace for us to be working from numerous drawings and having to manually check these against each other. The clash detect tool in BIMReview really allowed us to deal with problems before the fabrication stage, which in turn saved us substantial amounts of resource on projects.

Temple Mill Steelwork Engineering

Dan Tipple ()

We would definitely recommend to others in the industry. It really is an excellent software that’s having a positive impact. It demonstrates a good understanding of complex structural buildings and translates this well into visualization tools


Jacob Willumsen ()

We had no problem in choosing BIMReview, even after evaluating some of the competitor’s solutions. Along with the multiple file import interfaces, we found the most useful tools to be the clash detect feature, the IFC export and the ability to add our own data to models. Would we recommend BIMReview? Most definitely! Being able to easily collaborate on a project whilst, at the same time, being able to add data to that project is the reason we will be continuing to use BIMReview.


Steve Blurton ()